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Porquerolles and its fine sandy beaches

Porquerolles Island is the largest of the Golden Islands. It is endowed with an unsuspected cultural and historical richness, protected by the Port-Cros National Park.

Porquerolles is also known for its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches to discover during your boat trip in the Giens peninsula.

Notre Dame beach

We start this article with the beach voted the most beautiful in Europe in 2015. It is Notre-Dame beach and one of the many jewels of Porquerolles.

Located in the north of the island, hidden behind a wood and sheltered from the Mistral, you will find Notre-Dame beach. This splendid white sand beach is the ideal place to relax and take beautiful photos.

Notre-Dame extends over almost 800 meters and is the least frequented beach in Porquerolles. The unique opportunity to take full advantage of this postcard setting. You can discover an authentic landscape and bathe in the middle of preserved Mediterranean fauna and flora.


Photo credit: Flickr

How to get there ?

To get to Notre-Dame beach, trails are accessible on foot or by bike from the village. However, it takes about an hour of walking and about twenty minutes by bike.

Thanks to Blue Sky Boat, you can also access this sandy beach by boat! Leave on board our boat, direction Porquerolles, and reach this stretch of sand by paddle or canoe.


Photo credit: Flickr

Argent beach

Turquoise water, fine sand… Argent Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Porquerolles.

Located in the north of the island and near the village, this beach is the ideal place for young and old. Besides that, the water is shallow.

Take advantage of your stay on the Côte d’Azur to discover this magnificent spot!

How to get there ?

Argent beach is about 25 minutes on foot and about 10 minutes by bike from the village.

Of course, it is also accessible by sea. During a boat trip with Blue Sky Boat, drop anchor a few meters from the fine sandy beach and reach the shore by paddle, canoe or for the more adventurous , swim!

Courtade beach

Let’s now go towards the largest beach in Porquerolles.

Surrounded by an abundant forest of eucalyptus and pines and located not far from the harbor master’s office, Courtade beach is the perfect spot for a swim with the little ones. Especially since the depth of the water is quite shallow.

Crédit photo : Wikimedia Commons

How to get there ?

Courtade beach is the closest beach to you when you arrive on the island of Porquerolles.

You can therefore get there on foot in about fifteen minutes or by bike in a little less time.

However, as with the other beaches, access is also possible from the sea! On board our boat, get as close to the coast as possible, then take our canoes or our paddles to reach the shore.


Photo credit: Adobe Stock

Langoustier beach

Our final destination: Langoustier Beach. Located about 4.5 kilometers from the village of Porquerolles, at the far west of the island, this magnificent stretch of fine sand awaits you!

Once there, you will be sheltered from the wind and the swell and you will be able to fully enjoy the natural spectacle that awaits you.

How to get there ?

For faster access to Langoustier beach, cycling is undoubtedly the preferred means of transport (around 45 minutes). However, you can also go there on foot or with our boat, for an excursion around the island of Porquerolles.

As for the other sites on the island, you can drop anchor a few meters from the beach (distance to be defined according to the geographical position), then access it by canoe, paddle, or for the bravest, by swimming.

Discover Porquerolles and its fine sandy beaches by boat

During your boat trip or your unusual stay on the Giens Peninsula with Blue Sky Boat, take the time to discover the many facets of this unique island.

Thanks to Blue Sky Boat, come and admire Porquerolles and its fine sandy beaches (Notre-Dame, Argent beach, Courtade beach, Langoustier beach), visit the nearby sites, then set off again for new destinations!


Photo credit: Blue Sky Boat

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