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All Saints holiday: 5 destination ideas for your vacation!

Provence is full of astonishing and totally exotic places.

In the mountains, by the sea or on a paradise island, the region offers unsuspected cultural, historical and environmental wealth!

Whatever your wishes during your stay, whether you come with family or friends, you will have an unforgettable All Saints holiday.

Take a look at our blog post to discover these 5 authentic and unique destinations!

I promise, I won’t tell you about Porquerolles or Port-Cros, even if these islands are culturally and naturally very interesting.

The Embiez Isle

The story

The term Embiez comes from the Latin “ambo”, which means two. This symbolizes the two archipelagos of the Embiez and Tour Fondue islands. Over the centuries its name has been spelled in different ways: Embers, Ambias, Embiers, Ambies and finally Embiez.

Located west of Toulon, the island has belonged to businessman Paul Ricard since 1958. For more than 60 years, the latter has shaped it to make it “a mecca for tourism, with respect for nature. “.

Today, this protected natural area is home to many birds as well as an oceanographic institute. The Island of Embiez also provides tourists and vacationers with multiple means. They can eat, stay or practice activities, while preserving its natural and wild identity.


Photo credit : Flickr

How to get there ?

To get to the Embiez Isle, you have two options!

You can take the shuttle from Le Brusc to Six-Fours-les-Plages to visit the island. If you want to stay more than one day on the island, renting accommodation is necessary.

The ideal is to rent our boat for a day, a weekend or more. The departure is from the port of Hyères, to the destination of this splendid island.

You can even make a stopover (by reservation) of one or more days! So, you can dock at Port Saint-Pierre, sleep in unusual accommodation and take full advantage of all the activities offered in Les Embiez.

For any request, I invite you to follow the procedures available in this document.

The village of Correns

The village

Let’s now go north of Brignoles, towards the village of Correns, which is, by the way, the 1st organic village in France! Surrounded by aromatic plants, fields of vines, goat farms, chickens and other beehives, Correns is a village whose identity is organic farming.

This village is suitable for both adults and children. Surrounded by vegetation, this picturesque village will allow you to recharge your batteries during your All Saints holidays. In addition, there are multiple sites to discover throughout your stay in the Var. Fort Gibron, Vallon Sourn, Pont des Ayras or even the crossing of the Argens.

If you would rather come in August, you will have the chance to participate in the organic festival.


Photo credit : La Provence Verte

How to get there ?

Everything will depend on your initial means of transport, but the simplest is the car.

Arriving at Toulon or Hyères station, there is no connection to Correns. You will therefore need to rent a car or carpool.

If you arrive by plane, at Toulon-Hyères Airport, again, the journey may be complicated to the village of Correns. Here too, renting a car or carpooling will be essential.

If you arrive by car or if you leave from Toulon or Hyères, 3 routes are possible. Take the A57 and the D43 / the A57, D43 and D45 / or only the A57. Regardless of your departure location (Toulon or Hyères), the journey to Correns is approximately 1h10.

The village of Cotignac

The village

Not far from the village of Correns, about 20 minutes by car, is a town just as charming and ideal for a quiet holiday!

Far from traffic jams and urban hassles, come and discover the town of Cotignac, located at the foot of a tuff cliff (type of rock with a vacuolar structure) and certified Plus Beau Village de France since 2022.

Here, the region is in the spotlight with its restored houses particularly decorated in the colors of Provence!

At the very top of the rock, a magnificent panorama awaits you. Once up there, you have a view of the terraced hills where olive trees, pines, oaks, cypresses and other Mediterranean vegetation have taken root, to the delight of the inhabitants. The streets open onto small squares where authenticity and festivities await you. Indeed, throughout your vacation, you will be able to stroll through markets or flea markets, sit at a café, go shopping, participate in festivals, visit the Notre Dame de Grace sanctuary… A rich and varied program where everyone will be able to find their pleasure!


Photo credit : France 3

How to get there ?

To get to the village of Cotignac, the means of transport are as limited as to go to the town of Correns.

If you arrive at Toulon or Hyères station, no connection will be able to take you to Cotignac. It will therefore be preferable to rent a car or carpool.

When arriving at Toulon-Hyères Airport, it will also be very complicated to get there without renting a car or using a carpooling service.

Finally, if you come by car to the region or leave from Toulon or Hyères, you have the choice between several routes: the A57 and the D43 (or D13) / the A57, D43 and D45 / or only the A57 (or D43 ). Regardless of your departure location (Toulon or Hyères), the journey takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.


The environement

Have you ever wanted to go to the States? Do you dream of crossing America, traveling Route 66 or shopping on Wall Street?

What if I told you that there is a unique place in the Var, called Little Colorado and whose landscape seems identical to that of the United States!

No, you’re not dreaming. It is actually a place made up of immense rock walls, located in the Blavet Gorges.

This place, full of charm, where a river flows bordered by 80m high red walls, is located not far from the Estérel Massif, the Rocher de Roquebrune and the Maures.

At the top of its mossy rocks and century-old oaks, you will discover a unique setting and a breathtaking view!

Located in a Natura 2000 area, Little Colorado is a protected site, whose biodiversity offers an absolutely exceptional setting. Throughout your walk, you will come across butterflies, lizards, dragonflies, wild orchids and even cork oaks and chestnut trees. Depending on the hike you choose, you can explore the Grotte du Muéron, try the few climbing routes or sit near the orientation table.

The month of October is ideal for walking in the Gorges du Blavet, as the temperatures are more pleasant.


Photo credit : Pays de Fayence

How to get there ?

If you arrive at Toulon or Hyères station, TGV or TER trains connect to Saint-Raphaël.

If you come by car to the region or leave from Toulon or Hyères, take the A57 then the A8. Regardless of your departure location (Toulon or Hyères), the journey takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

To get there, you have the option of renting our boat at the Port of Hyères and docking at the Port of Agay in Saint-Raphaël.

If you wish to stay at the dock on the boat for a day or more, I advise you to fill out the reservation form or contact the port captaincy for more information.

It is true that there are several means of transport to spend your holidays in Saint-Raphaël and visit the atypical places around. On the other hand, the most unusual, pleasant and unforgettable type of transport and accommodation remains the boat!

The port of Hyères

The beach

The town of Hyères is also a dream destination for the All Saints holiday. Indeed, the temperatures are mild, the tourist flow is no longer as high as during the summer period and you are close to a large number of exceptional places!

Being docked all year round at the port of Hyères, our boat can be used as accommodation and means of transport throughout your stay.

This can accommodate up to 8 people (contact us if you need more information). It is made up of three modern bedrooms, a spacious cabin, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom! All the necessary comfort present on the boat, so that you can spend a dream vacation on the Côte d’Azur. As a bonus, a magnificent sunrise to admire every morning.

In addition, its geographical position is ideal for traveling along the Golden Islands, the Mediterranean coast, discovering beaches, coves, coves and more! We also provide additional water equipment (kayak, snorkeling, water scooter, etc.) for your greatest pleasure.

Photo credit : Blue Sky Boat & Jeanneau

Your All Saints holiday with Blue Sky Boat!

Thus, the Côte d’Azur is the dream destination for your All Saints vacation. Seaside, mountains, paradise islands… The diversity of our region offers a unique setting and memories!

Blue Sky Boat allows you to rent a boat for the duration of your choice (from half a day to 7 days) and go to the closest point of each surrounding island (according to the regulations established by anchorage zones) or every heavenly site.

Numerous facilities are available to you on the boat (canoes, paddles, snorkeling equipment) to contemplate biodiversity a little closer!

Do you want to rent the boat and explore the Côte d’Azur? Contact our team without further delay.

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