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Christmas in Provence: a magical world awaits you!

Every year, many countries celebrate their own traditions and customs during the Christmas holidays…

…This is also the case in Provence, where Christmas is a greatly celebrated period.

From December 4 until Epiphany, many festivals and events are organized: santon fairs, nativity scenes, Christmas markets, light decorations, parades, etc.

Whether in Hyères, Carqueiranne, La Garde, Toulon, Sanary or in more remote villages, the festivities organized will take you into an enchanted world!

Nativity figures fairs

Every year, the Santon fairs are a real success in Provence. From mid-November, the markets or figurine shops open their doors. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your Christmas nativity scene a little more and find new nuggets!

Today, there are many types of figurines: small, large, dressed, painted, old, young, sitting, squatting, standing…

The enthusiasm around the nativity scene and all these kinds of figurines is such that communities organize incredible performances every year.

Every year, the city of Toulon, for example, programs grandiose sound and light shows. Go to Place de la Liberté, right next to the chalets to discover them. More than a thousand figurines await you there.


Christmas markets

From the end of November, Christmas chalets spring up in a large number of towns. These attract hundreds of people every year. In Provence, the Christmas markets are incredibly decorated… Every year, the towns do everything they can to make you feel a whole bunch of positive emotions (feelings of warmth, joy, pleasure, etc.) and continue to amaze young and old alike.

Each market welcomes local exhibitors, offering artisanal products. During your visit, you can stroll along the aisles while enjoying wine and/or hot chocolate. Also take advantage of this pleasant moment to buy some gifts or products for your end-of-year meals…

PS: if you are still looking for original gift ideas for the end of year holidays, we have put together an article on this subject for you.

In which municipalities are the most beautiful Var Christmas markets located?

In Provence, many Christmas markets are renowned for the diversity of chalets and even the magical decorations.

Among them, we find : the La Garde Christmas market, the Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer Christmas market, the Sanary Christmas market or the Hyères Christmas market.


Photo credit : Var-Matin

The Sainte-Barbe

From December 4, in Provence, many households rush to plant grains of wheat or lentils in small cups. These will then be placed on the table on Christmas evening.

On December 25, tradition dictates that they are adorned with yellow and red ribbons. From December 26, these will be placed near the crèche until Epiphany.

Generally, there are three cups, to represent the Holy Trinity. This tradition comes from an ancient or prehistoric pagan heritage.


Photo credit : Petites Marionnettes

The famous nativity scene

A tradition passed down from generation to generation and which thrills thousands of French people every year: the Christmas crib.

Every year, we add a santon or an accessory to the nativity set up the previous Christmas.

Previously (and this is perhaps still the case today), parents offered their newly married children a Nativity to start the nursery. This is how Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the ox and the donkey entered the home of “the newlyweds” (Li Novi).


Christmas in Provence: an idyllic stay with Blue Sky Boat

Come and spend an unusual stay during the Christmas period by renting the boat at the dock. The opportunity to discover a very different nature and enjoy the many festivities available to you!

From the port of Hyères, you can reach the sublime night market in just a few minutes and stroll along the chalets. There, you will discover products sold by local artisans. The location of the market and the boat allows you to benefit from all the local amenities: restaurants, creperies, markets, etc.

In addition to that, your unusual accommodation is ideally located so that you can enjoy splendid sunrises. Once up, you can set off to explore the few coves and beaches around the Giens Peninsula.

You also have the possibility to move around. At this time of year, the town of Sanary has beautiful light garlands all around the port and on the boats… The night show is incredible from the quay and is even more so from the sea!

So if you want to enjoy this unique spectacle, that is also possible.

Do you want a specific stay or do you have questions about a possible rental? Our team is here to answer all your questions.

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